Are you ready to step into the life you've always wanted? It's time to stop dimming your light so you can start turning your dreams into reality and accelerate your new thinking into result.

The goal of this program is to work diligently on identifying your deepest goals and dreams and provide you with the tools to unleash your true potential and live the life you were meant to live.

Additionally, we will identify your mental handbrake and help you release it.

This 6-month program is designed to give you a strong mindset, so you can perform better in all areas of your life and achieve even greater inner peace.

“The greatest human temptation is to settle for too little.” – Thomas Merton

High Performance Mentorship for those who want more out of life!


What does your life look like right now?

  • Do you want to achieve better results but lack direction on what to do next?
    Are you constantly under time pressure and time that isn’t being used effectively?
    Have you hit a plateau, and are you aware that if you don’t begin the transformation now, things will feel the same a year from now?

What do previous participants say?

Participants’ transformation

Before and after the program
  • “Before:
    “Time controls me, and I experience little time freedom”
    “Financials create worry and constantly limit my life”
    “I hold myself back”
    “I’m not comfortable taking too many wild leaps outside my comfort zone”
    “What will others say or think about it or me if I change what I stand for”
    “I doubt myself and my abilities”
    “I feel stuck and struggle to move forward”
    “When other people are doing well, I also feel good”
    “I don’t listen enough to myself”
    “I don’t know what I want or where I’m headed”
    “Fear is scary and a sign that I should turn back”
    “I have inner conversations with myself that talk me out of taking the leap”
    “I am limited by what I believe I can do”
  • After:
    “I have 100% control over my time and experience great time freedom”
    “Money comes more easily to me, and I have more financial freedom”
    “I have finally started to tap into my potential”
    “I am comfortable performing uncomfortable actions”
    “I am the most important person in my life”
    “I have a strong belief in myself”
    “I feel completely unleashed”
    “When I’m doing well, others feel good too”
    “I trust myself and my intuition”
    “I know my deepest dreams, goals and the purpose of my life”
    “Fear is a sign that I’m moving in the right direction”
    “I choose my thoughts and cheer myself on”
    “I know my limitations, they’re just much further away than they used to be”

meet the teacher, Helene Walther

Helene Walther, has 20 years of international experience, specializing in leadership, business development, human potential & spiritual development, as well as teaching & coaching teams and individuals. She is one of the most skilled trainers for success.

You will therefore have access to special guidance from one of the most talented and competent individuals in mindset and human potential.

Helene is dedicated to helping you fulfill your potential and achieve extraordinary results. She will show you how to create the life you desire through a solid and guided process.

You will bridge the gap between what you know and what you do!

The 6-month bUSINESS ONLINE MENTORING includes:

Weekly sessions 60-90 min consisting of:

12 LIVE online teaching sessions with Helene Walther
12 LIVE online Q&A sessions with Helene Walther

You will also be assigned to a closed forum for collaboration, sparring, and networking, cultivating your circle of influence to support you in achieving your goals.

You will receive lifetime access to the world-famous and successful program  “Thinking Into Results” designed by Bob Proctor (featured in the movie “The Secret”), which includes:

12 video training modules with Bob Proctor (60 years of all knowledge about what makes people successful. 

Structured materials & assignments for all 12 sessions (200 pages)

You will be guided through a powerful process to create/ manifest your new desired results. 

Total price for all this: SDG 5555

“It doesn’t have to be a life of overwhelm and overexertion. Your future is waiting for you, don’t miss out on it.