Are you ready to achieve more without working any harder?
Get clarity and see your life from a new perspective. Whether you are a leader, an individual or entrepreneur, anything is possible when you question status quo and dare to go beyond: Your career, your relationships, your business and your entire life simply change for the better.
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Welcome! I´m Helene


I guide individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders who seek lasting change and empowering shifts & results in their life, business and leadership. After working together, you will develop clearly defined goals, the ability to fulfill your potential, the mindset & tools to overcome barriers, and improved business skills to reach better results and sustain success. 

I’ve helped dozens of individuals from numerous industries and backgrounds define their success and achieve their goals. At Betterdale, we are working with thought-provoking and creative processes that inspire to maximize personal and professional potential. 


live your best life and enjoy the ride!

I will help you how to take control of your life and move from feeling stuck or frustrated with your present life or results, to living your best life. This is not a quick fix but a lifelong change. I will move you past outside distractions and mental limitations into better results. Results that stick!

Do you want to improve your business, leadership and life? With the right tools and guidance, you can achieve any results you desire. 

How we work together


Take your Life, Leadership & Business to the next level. Join me for a lifechanging transformation – it´s you and me… ALL IN. I will be with you every step of the way! Are you ready to create the life you deeply desire?


Whether you are currently in an executive position, or you are getting ready for a leadership role; as your Leadership Development and Executive Coach & Mentor, I will help you tap into your limitless potential, so you can bring forth your best leader. 

Don't Take My Word For It.
Hear What My Clients Say.

  • ”The Program Thinking Into Results  Has Made Me Think Deeper Into What I Really Want In Life”. 

     I’ve always felt I had fairly good results, but I had a feeling there was still room for improvement. Things were okay, but I want more out of life than ok. Now my understanding of what I can achieve in life has been expanded. I’ve learned things that will last a lifetime.

    This is not a quick fix. It’s a whole new way of thinking.  I have been reframing the idea of who I am and what I am able to do. Prepare yourself as your limits will be pushed. Know that you are changing paradigms that have been with you for many years.

    But it’s definitely worth it. Your future self will thank you. I am grateful for the knowledge I have today and for moving forward step by step so I can be the person that I was meant to be. So, thank you for this incredible program and thank you to my mentor Helene for this life changing journey.”


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